Decoding love

I’ve always wondered what love really is

Is it the helpless smile that gets plastered on your face whenever you talk

Or the unknown sadness you feel when you are away?

Is it the little dance your mind does when you spot them in a crowd

Or the tears that u supress when you cant express it out loud!

Does it give u wings or instead have u tied

Does it help u flourish or dry up inside,

“It hurts” said a broken heart, “it heals” said another,

So does it come with conditions necessary to abide?

15 thoughts on “Decoding love

  1. No one knows and no one has ever understood. We can associate certain traits with it like ‘care’. While each of them can be put into words, their overall amalgamation culminates into a wordless mystery. It’s where any mathematical formulation known to man lays futile and the result is greater than the sum of its parts. Ah ‘Love’ – the greatest encryption that exists.

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  2. Perhaps love not of this dimension?
    Perhaps it’s like dreams that we can never touch or resurrect when awake. Perhaps love reaches a part of our inner-self that lives elsewhere and connects to the place where we are most comfortable. When love diminishes or dies, perhaps that’s when our soul returns from the dimension that holds our dreams and our love. Maybe when we die we find the space of tranquility that we have sampled whilst in this element.
    Just a thought from an old codger.

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