A Delicious Addiction

She craved the sweet sensation on her lips

The soft, smooth and silky kisses

Her eyes burning wild with desire

She knew it wasnt a very wise choice,

But the mere thought made her drool

People around often warned her

How unhealthy her addiction was and also about its rather serious consequences

Deep down she knew she would soon regret giving in to her heart

But she also knew, all the pleasure was worth way more than the pain

With slow cautious steps in the beginning

She walked towards the door

Happy to soon be with the love of her life

Trying to absorb the seductive fragrance

With a big ass smile and a single tear

She finally opened the refrigerator and took out the jar of nutella

Devouring each spoonful with immense satisfaction

And happily skipped all the way back to her bed!

15 thoughts on “A Delicious Addiction

  1. I imagine “the door” could be anywhere or anyplace? “Her eyes burning wild with desire” (anything)? “But she also knew, all the pleasure was worth way more than the pain” (anytime)? Great use of analogy! But, the problem is we don’t stop at just the Nutella! She may have skipped happily back to bed, until she woke up the next day, stepped on the bathroom scale, and screamed. lol. Timothy

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    1. Thanks timothy!
      And the next day bathroom scale problem is something I’m really familiar with… but food is something I just cannot for my dear life turn away from.. so I try to be the eat it and then sweat it kinda girl😂


  2. Thought was following the trail of a broken soul with shattered glass beneath
    When all of a sudden the crumbs leads to the cold metal frame
    The silence of the night disrupted
    By the escape of the imprisoned chuckle 😊

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