Its How You Lost The Guy!

You stood there waiting for him, nervousness filling you up with each passing second. It was the same park where you both first met. You remenisce on the wonderful memories you’d created walking through the same roads, the times you pretended to be cold so that he would wrap you up in his jacket! The many coffee dates he took you on inspite of being more of a tea person himself. The way you’d squeeze his hand tight and give him a comforting smile, to reassure him. You lowkey loved how he was extremely protective and possessive about you but would never admit.

But he wasnt there today, you know he’s gone

You crave his scent , his warm hands around you! You always kept pushing him, like others, to see if he would come back, if he cared enough to fight for you. And everytime that he did, your feelings and trust in him grew a little stronger. Each time,he’d hold and comfort you, and tell you he loved you. But it somehow was never enough for you and you’d push him back farther each time. Well, guess what! This time you finally pushed him so far away, that he couldnt find his way back. All thats left for you to do is stand there waiting for him, hoping for your love to guide him back to you!

15 thoughts on “Its How You Lost The Guy!

  1. Ah, it’s a case of the “Things seem to good to be true so I’ll ruin them before I lose them” syndrome! Yeah, those things happen, it’s like pushing someone on a swing, they come back but then they jump off without us knowing and the swing comes back empty. What’s worse than waiting is wondering. But, things usually come around.🌹😉

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  2. Self-sabotage. It made me so sad to read this because this sums up what I did with a guy I was serious about when I was 19, even so that we’d spoke of getting engaged. ” You always kept pushing him, like others, to see if he would come back, if he cared enough to fight for you.” It’s so painful to find they do walk away and keep walking, and before you know it 10 years have gone by, your heart still hurts, but he’s living his life and probably rarely, if ever, thinks about it (in my case, that ex was the love of my life and is now married and we haven’t seen each other since we split). xx

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    1. I am so sorry for what you had to go through…. you see.. thats exactly the kind of fucked up (I’m sorry to sound rude but it exactly fits) tendency we all have.. the moment something good happens.. or even starts to happen … boom.. insecurities, fear of of losing it all , it just explodes and we get way too overwhelmed by it all…. that we just tend to give it up ourselves! And I was hoping someone would read this and avoid making that one biggest mistake of their lives.. 😥

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      1. You’re right, it’s fucked up. Hard way to learn the lesson, and then we probably repeat it anyway. Don’t lose that hope, others will read this who haven’t stepped in the same shit we have and rethink the approach and unearth the potential self-sabotage before they make the same mistakes we did.xx

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  3. Wow.. This is so true once happened to me but it was a guy I used to love a lot.. He used to push me away and one day I just stopped loving him and indeed I went away and 12 years later still haven’t returned to him.. And he was crying as if he doesn’t know the pain he had caused me

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