Whatever it takes

I think and I think and I think

Nothing helps, no matter what I drink

Sticking out like a sore thumb, is it really that bad?

Being okay with it, why does it make them mad?

They try and try to blend you in, to get lost in the crowd

So when you realise you’re truly lost, does it make them proud?

The guilt it instills in you, the endless rounds of questioning yourselves,

Even the lost will to exist , to breathe , to stand up for ourselves,

But don’t let your ideas and efforts get abashed in the name of potential mistakes

Rip the pages of belittlement and let them sing of your triumphs, whatever it takes!

20 thoughts on “Whatever it takes

      1. Being true to yourself, well that’s good too and all communication is better than shutting down. Sometimes you have to question the negative thoughts to see if they are true though, especially the harmful negative ones e.g. “That person is ignoring me, it’s my fault”. The question to that thought is the same for all negative thoughts: Is it true, can I be sure it’s true? Sometimes then we might find another reason is true or truer e.g. “That person is listening, but they’ve problems”.

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  1. I appreciate that your poem ends with hope. Poems have the power to deliver courage and a new perspective to the reader, and of course, to the creator of the lines. Keep writing and sharing messages that highlight triumph. ✌️
    Thank you for stopping by my blog.

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