A lie we all regret believing ,

Who knew such a hoax it would end up being !

The picture everyone had us paint in our head so deceiving ,

And every conception about adulting, oh so misleading !!!

29 thoughts on “ADULTING

  1. The problem is not that adults mislead kids that being an adult is so amazing, its that kids mislead themselves. The one thing I press most on my kids about being an adult is that it is not worth the hype. I tell them that if I could go back to bring their age I would in a heartbeat. Despite my obvious wisdom that I am giving them, all they seem to hear me say is they cant watch a movie because its rated R. …..

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    1. I do agree with your views… but in some way or the other it is the adults I think that start this vicious cycle by saying things like you are not old enough to do certain things.. or you’ll understand when you’re older… and that is exactly the kind of stuff that induces curiosity and excitment among the teens..

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      1. The reason that people say to teens that they will understand when they are older, and this is a true scientific fact that i was completely shocked to learn, is because a teenage brain is not developed properly. What i mean is that the brain is growing and forming up until age 24 (i think) and the teenage brain is missing the part that is in control of basic reasoning skills and rational thought. The outcome of this is the lack of judgement that comes with it, basic decisions are made bad in situations that are spontaneous or in need of fast thinking. I know, i know, no teenager wants to hear this but its a very true fact. What needs to change is the statement itself of understanding when older. People need to just change the way they say it. After i found this fact out in college it explained a hell of a lot about my high school days.

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  2. So awesome! I love your poem, as it captures adulting in such a compact way, it’s all you need to know in one tiny punch! Amazing! You’re awesome. 😎

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    1. Hey.. totally agree on that one.. but that’s what you have us for sir.. . to make sure it would suck … kinda less?

      Ps. Don’t get me wrong I really wish you all the very best of health.. (just ignore me I don’t really know what I’m sayingπŸ˜…)

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