Let go of our fears

We’re the personification of irony, all of us
We’re afraid of being alone, and yet whenever we’re faced with a problem,
or simply overwhelmed,
We’re too proud to say we’re not okay
Instead, our first instinct is to hide,
Because we want to deal with it on our own
Beause we simply refuse to believe that anyone could actually help
Because we don’t want anyone to see that speck of vulnerability in us
Our fences of insecurity and self defences have become giant impenetrable walls
We cannot think, cannot see through it
Or probably just won’t
With a variety of excuses in our arsenal
Ready to shoot down any rational arguement that tries to break through
Because taking a leap of faith has broken us instead at some point in life
But what we don’t get is that it’s not the decision of letting in that was wrong as much as the person we actually let in
That we failed to notice the ones who not only could but actually did have our backs
And thus we let the ripple effects of our mistakes hold us back further
Because we want people to beleive in us without the heart to let go of our fears

34 thoughts on “Let go of our fears

  1. Oi, oi, oi Mate, don’t box me in wi’ yer “all of us” and “afraid of being alone” routine, I’ve lived in Yesnaby and loved it! Oh and first time I get the feelin’ I need help I’m all “HELP! HELP! HELP! yes you, you, yes you, YES YOU, HELP!” LOL (it’s so true).

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      1. I see you’re put in some effort here… so thanks for that first of all!! And as far as the “We” in my poem is concerned.. you can definitely be excused from our clan (teenagers like myself and probably some others who feel the same way)..


    1. I won’t vouch for the wiseness sir, you see this poem is literally born out of my frustration as I sort of drifted away from someone really close to me and couldn’t figure out how to deal with it.
      But thank you so much for the acknowledgement.. means a lot!😇

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  2. Great writing, sometimes we all go through life with the mindset that everyone we meet in life will one day let us down, that’s a common fear because we feel if things go to good, they’re bound to end so we should end them before we get hurt…. a mindset we must learn to break, at least society has to. Not everyone will hinder the journey, some can help, one can’t be afraid to let someone in.😊

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  3. Aclumsyteenager,
    I don’t know if you will see this and if you do I don’t know if you will remember me, but I feel like I have to try.

    I’ve thought about coming back to say hi.
    Thanking you for all you’ve done.
    I’m finally doing it. I
    expected the words to fill the page like two old friends reuniting.
    But I realize I don’t know if I ever meant anything to you.
    At first, writing this came easy. I wrote paragraphs. But then I accidentally deleted it, so I’m starting over.

    I can tell you that my name is Leo. But it hasn’t always been. I was born as a girl and that is how you knew me.
    I can tell you that Harry Potter was my absolute favorite book (well book series) about magic. But then I read Carry On.
    I could tell you how I came up with my old username, Birchwood11. But it is a rather dull story.
    I could ask you to go to storywars.net, as we talked about before, and you would find me there.
    But I’m not going to.
    I’ve changed.
    As I’m sure you have too.

    I no longer dream of getting an acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Instead, I hope for one from William and Mary.
    I no longer hide behind fake usernames.
    And I no longer write suicide notes.
    Instead I fill pages with poetry. Poetry that started with you.
    For you were the first person to really show me that if I wanted to write than I can pick up a pen and write.
    I entered my first poetry contest a few weeks ago.
    I want to tell you that I thought of you. For that would seem very poetic and all. But that wouldn’t be very truthful.

    It has been 3 years since we last talked. And as popular as your poetry is, I doubt I would stand out.
    But I just wanted to say hello,
    then maybe goodbye
    but either way,
    I will always remember you
    your friend,

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    1. 3 years.. has it really been that long? I’ll be honest.. I definitely remember the part where you told me about storywars.net … I remember even trying to write something on it.. but never got to publishing it.. maybe someday. Also I tried finding you but I couldn’t figure out your account. But I hope we could get in touch somehow.. not sure if wordpress has a feature except for these comments.. but let me know if you do use any other social media platforms as I would live to catch up


  4. Preach! We are our own worst enemy. If we don’t let go of our fears, we might as well not live. We need to examine ourselves and be honest with what we feel. Breaking free from fear, guilt, and shame will only save our souls. Thank you for this powerful post! Keep this discussion going! Looking forward to more posts! 😀

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    1. Being honest with what we feel.. hell yes.. we really need to be doing that.. but just to be completely honest.. it’s one of those things which are easier said than done.. It’s not even intentional… Infact sometimes we want to be honest with what we feel but are unable to exactly determine what it..

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  5. Our fears indeed ripple back at us. That is a fascinating image. Normally, we see ripples moving out from an action, and indeed that is what happens at first. The deflection does push back whatever had been feared or judged to be problematic. In the long run, though, the ripples come back with ever greater ferocity. They splash back against us as fierce waves. The discontent striking our souls is great, and yet the initializing action by then is often forgotten or set aside as much ado about nothing. We wrap ourselves in chains and wonder why we are imprisoned. You did a great job with expressing the anguish of this self-inflicted pain.

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    1. Well thank you Michael for understanding how fear can have an affect on our lives. We need to release fear by breaking off the chains that is tied to us. This process starts with examining our fears and calling out what we are afraid of. Thank you for your positive feedback and have a blessed day! 😀

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